Criminal Matters:

All Criminal defense matters are different, but can start as low as $1,000.00. Call our office for a free consultation on the price to represent you or your family member.

Real Estate:

For houses, condominiums and co-operative apartments:

Our initial consultation on a purchase or sale is free (call or email for an appointment);

Our real estate representation starts with an initial fee of $300.00 to review a contract, if you are buying, or to prepare your contract if you are selling. After this step, most of our clients pay nothing further until “the closing”; where the fees accrued range from $800.00 to $1,300.00, depending on the amount of work to complete the closing and any other fees. We do not charge for phone calls, emails, letters, or photocopies, like most other law firms.

If you are refinancing, we charge $400.00 to review all the re-finance documents and represent you at the closing.

Fees for multiple dwelling properties, commercial properties, buildings, and for other services, like litigation of a down-payment, maintenance of escrow, surveys, obtaining a certificate of occupancy or letter of no-objection, clearing liens and judgments, 1031 exchanges, and other complex matters is determined on a case by case basis.

Liquor Licensing:

Applying for a Beer & Wine License in an existing Restaurant – fees start at $2,500.00, in addition to licensing fees to New York State, bond fees, and publication fees.

Applying for a Beer, Wine & Liquor License in an existing Restaurant or Club – fees start at $5,000.00, in addition to licensing fees to New York State, bond fees, and publication fees.

Appearances at Full Board Hearings, 500 foot hearings, Community Board Hearings, and Disciplinary Hearings are extra and determined on a case by case basis.

Article 78 Proceedings in Supreme Court begin at $4,000.00.

Renewals: $350.00

Seasonal Licenses, Temporary Licenses, New Years Day Permits, and other miscellaneous permits: Call for a price.

Immigration Litigation:

Requests for complete File from Immigration start at $500.00;

Citizenship and Naturalization Applications start at $800.00 plus filing fees (appearance at interview is extra);

Requests for Additional Evidence $500.00;

Replace Greencard or Renew Greencard, $1,000.00 plus filing fees;

Petition for Alien Relative in U.S. or outside U.S., fiancé Visa, etc., attorney fees start at $2,500.00 and up, plus filing fees (appearance at interview, if required, is extra);

Stokes Interview, $1,500.00;

Appeals, $4,000.00 retainer plus filing fees;

Writs of Mandamus, $5,000.00 retainer plus filing fees;


Divorces in New York State can be very complicated matters.  Our representation on Un-Contested Divorces start at $500.00 legal fees, which does not include process service or court costs.  The fees also vary depending on the number of children, the assets of the parties, whether there are any Family Child Support, Visitation, Custody, or Orders of Protection, and many other matters.  We also do Annulments and Contested Divorce Matters.  Call us for an appointment and consultation.


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