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We offer a wide range of legal services for all residents of New York State. Our experienced attorneys are here for you.


Our Practices

Criminal Matters:

If you have been arrested, our attorneys have decades of experience in complex criminal matters, from misdemeanors to felonies, in State and Federal courts.


We have years of experience in Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and Chapter 11 matters within the Federal Bankruptcy in New York State.

Complex Litigation:

No matter is too small. We have handled complex matters in Federal Civil & Criminal Court to simple cases in Administrative Tribunals. Call or email for an appointment.

Real Estate:

Our clients range from the simple co-operative, condominium, and 1st time home buyers and sellers to multi-unit apartment buildings and shopping centers in New York and out of state. We have done multiple 1031 exchange matters, and multi-million dollar purchases, sales, and re-finances. Also short-sales and loan modifications.

Immigration Matters:

Our attorneys have years of experience in complex immigration matters and appeals. We can appear at your residency hearing, your naturalization hearing, stokes hearing, revocation hearing, and any appeal. We have also done Writs of Mandamus in Immigration Court.


We handle all aspects of Landlord-Tenant and Housing Litigation including evictions, DHCR matters, and commercial matters. Our clients range from small homeowners to buildings and shopping center landlords and tenants. Please see our Affordable prices for simple eviction matters.

Personal Injury:

Please come in for a free consultation on any accident or personal injury matter.


Uncontested and Contested Matrimonial matters. See our affordable price list for uncontested divorces.

Liquor Licenses:

We can file your application and appear at your licensing hearings to ensure you are granted your license. If your license has been denied, suspended or revoked, we do appeals and Article 78 proceedings in Supreme Court to get you back in business.

Our attorneys and staff handle complicated legal matters every day. Our staff has years of experience in complex litigation.

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